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15 Medicinal Herb Garden Seeds

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Medicinal Herb Garden with 15 must have garden herbs.

Seeds included:

Basil, Thai Holy - 20 seeds
Borage - 10 seeds
Calendula, Pacific Beauty - 25 seeds
Catnip - 20 seeds
Chamomile, German - 25 seeds
Chives, Common - 20 seeds
Cilantro, Slow Bolt - 20 seeds
Echinacea Coneflower, Purple - 20 seeds
Lavender, Common English - 20 seeds
Lemon Balm - 20 seeds
Oregano, Common Italian - 25 seeds
Parsley, Dark Green Italian - 20 seeds
Peppermint - 25 seeds
Sage, Broad Leaved - 20 seeds
Yarrow, White - 25 seeds

All seeds are individually labelled with germination instructions. You may want to grow the peppermint seeds in a growing pot as this variety can become invasive in your garden.

Remember, of course, that consuming medicinal herbs is not a substitute for visiting a physician. If you’re experiencing repeated, unpleasant symptoms visit a healthcare professional to get a proper diagnosis.

Those on medication should be aware that certain active ingredients may interact with drugs you are taking. Pregnant women should check with a physician before consuming herbs.

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