Crackerjack Marigold

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HEIRLOOM. Tagetes erecta. Crackerjack Marigold is a rapid bloomer from seeds and have abundant, fluffy, carnation like flowers that comes in shades of gold, orange and yellow. Recommended for beds, borders, and the cutting garden.

Marigolds are easy to care for with minimal effort and should be planted six weeks before in the spring in full sun. Find a place in your garden where you are wanting to plant the flowers. The soil temperature should be between 70 to 75 degrees and gets 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day. When planting seeds, place the seeds 1" apart and 1/2" deep. If you have plants, place the flowers 10" to 12" apart.

Marigolds are also useful in the vegetable garden for control of insect pests and can help deter rabbits and deer. Plant your marigolds two months before your vegetable garden to get the full benefit of repelling insects.

These Marigolds come in a wide range of colors that will attract a variety of butterflies with their nectar rich blooms. Plant the flowers in massive areas to attract other pollinators to pollinate your garden.

Marigolds bloom all summer long and do best if you take off the spent blooms to keep the plant producing flowers.